Carluccio's Dubai Marina Mall - Main Menu

Tricolore Salad
Insalata Tricolore (v)
Buffalo mozzarella, sliced avocado, plum tomatoes, garnished with fresh basil & dressed with pesto
AED 69
Burrata Pomodoro
Burrata Pomodoro (v)
Burrata cheese with fresh carnival mix & plum tomatoes, garnished with basil & drizzled with extra virgin olive oil
AED 69
Chicken & Pasta Soup
Chicken Pasta Soup
Macaroni pasta in a chicken & vegetable broth, served with warmed focaccia
AED 30
Chicken Ceasar Salad
Chicken Caesar Salad (s)
Grilled chicken, lettuce, soft boiled egg, garlic croutons, Grana Padana shavings, tossed in a creamy homemade Caesar dressing. Served with crispy turkey bacon
AED 56
Mediterranean Salad
Mediterranean Salad (v/vg)
Couscous, cucumber, tomato, chickpeas, red onion, black olives, mint, feta cheese & pomegranate with a zesty lemon dressing
AED 49
Chicken & Mushroom Pappardelle
Chicken & Mushroom Pappardelle
Pappardelle pasta in a creamy wild mushroom sauce, with chicken & toasted pine nuts
AED 79
Homemade Lasagne
Homemade Lasagna
Slow-cooked beef ragù, layered with egg pasta, cheese, & béchamel sauce
AED 79
Mushroom Risotto
Mushroom (v)
A creamy risotto with Shitake, Oyster, & button mushrooms, finished with black truffle paste garnished with Grana Padano shavings
AED 85
Penne Arrabiata
Penne all’Arrabbiata (vg)
Penne tossed with garlic, chili & tomato sauce, served with garlic focaccia
AED 69
Penne Giardiniera
Penne Giardiniera (v/vg)
Our signature dish, made up of crispy spinach balls with grated zucchini sautéed in garlic, chili & cheese, served with Pugliese pasta
AED 63
Prawn Risotto
Prawn (s)
Sautéed prawns & zucchini with garlic & chili, in a light seafood bisque, garnished with confit tomatoes & our lemon oil
AED 85
Rigatoni Prawns & Pistachio
Rigatoni Prawns & Pistachio (n) (s)
Rigatoni pasta, prawns, semi-dried cherry tomatoes, chili, in a creamy pesto pistachio sauce
AED 79
Seafood Linguine
Seafood Linguine (s)
Linguine pasta with prawns, mussels, squid rings, cherry tomatoes, garlic & chili tossed in a seafood bisque
AED 99
Spaghetti Gustosi
Spaghetti Gustosi (v/vg)
Spaghetti tossed with garlic, chili, green peas, fresh carnival mix tomatoes, Italian black olives over stracciatella cheese
AED 73
Ravioli alla Burrata (v)
Handmade ravioli, filled with burrata cheese, served in a butter & truffle sauce, topped with creamy stracciatella cheese, semi-dried cherry tomatoes & basil
AED 82